Rant: Email Signatures


In business today, we all live by email but occasionally the conversation needs to break out of the digital world to an old fashioned phone call. And every so often, you may even need to send something via U.S. mail rather than forwarding a PDF.

So, that one day when ten emails aren’t cutting it, you finally decide it’s time to pick up the phone. As you quickly scroll down through the emails for a phone number you find nothing – there’s no email signature!

So this brings me to my rant. Why is it that some people still refuse to create an email signature?!? I’m convinced it comes down to being inefficient, clueless, or lazy. You pick. Why would you make contact harder for someone who is trying to help you conduct business? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Isn’t that the point of all these tools? Making contact, in every form, easier?

This anti-signature group makes it even harder on us smart phone dependent people, who could easily auto dial with a simple click on a provided phone number. Don’t they realize we’re also trying to drive?

To those of you who spent the thirty seconds to set up an email signature, I thank you. And for those V-card users, who make importing all your contact info super simple, you get an extra star on the forehead.

For those that don’t understand the email signature concept, here’s the deal. This is not only an opportunity to make contacting you easier, but it’s also a form a branding. Reinforcing your company name, location and web address is smart business. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you add a logo too. This is done improperly too many times so I’d rather you skip it. At the very least, an email signature is more efficient than typing your contact info every time it’s needed. It also makes for a quick copy/paste into an email reply.

Additionally, an email signature creates a unique placement to market ONE key feature of your company. This could be a recent award or distinction your company received, a new product or service you’re offering, a significant project you completed, a new contract you were awarded,an upcoming event or simply your tagline. You would be surprised how well these items get noticed.

If you haven’t done so already, give some thought to creating an email signature. It doesn’t take nearly as much time as you just spent reading this.

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