Patent Approved!


Move over Ben Franklin. According to the United States Patent & Trademark Office, I too am an inventor. I have just received written confirmation that my patent application has been approved. After three years of  much research, technical and legal writing, revisions and back and forth with the USPTO, this is a rewarding and valuable accomplishment.

My invention pertains to a gaming system on which my Last 2 Left venture is based. This patent is extremely valuable in that it will allow me to defend exclusivity and also increases the financial value of the venture.

To view my Notice of Allowance, visit and enter the application number: 11/532285

Over these three years, I have also developed additional variations to the gaming system. Since these additions are outside of the original claims made in the patent application, I am now filing a “Divisional Application.” This will allow these additional claims to be included under the Parent Application, providing even broader protection and increased value. This approach also expedites the approval process.

This is the third and related entry to my patent application. If you care to read about prior events, see A Trip to the Patent Office and Patent Filing.

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